Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Wife....Happy Life

Isn't that how the saying goes? That is what I said to Adam at about 11:00 pm on the night he finished the pantry and I was finished unloading our lovely plastic tote of food into the blessed little pantry.
I then realized I had lived for over a year and half with all of our food either in this large plastic tote seen below or on our counters. If you know me I might be disorganized in other ways but a messy kitchen drives me nutso, so how I lived this long without organization in my kitchen I don't know.

I think Adam was a little surprised at my cat like reflexes (from a 5 month pregnant woman at 10:00 pm) to unload that tote and some of our cabinets into the newly finished pantry closet.

It has been so nice to see what food we actually have and to not be afraid of spilling an entire box of spaghetti into the monster tote while looking for a can of salsa! I think all in all I'm an easy wife to please if all you have to do is put a few shelves in a closet and call it a pantry!!!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the bathroom and laundry room to put in the blog soon, they are nearly done. We have actually been refinishing and painting some cabinets that were in the old kitchen for the laundry area, that process has been much easier than I thought it would be. Adam's answer to that was that sanding and painting cabinets are things normal people do in their normal home updates, not our normal crazy shanangins, he's right!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

20 weeks and Old Wives Tales

So here is the basketball at 20 weeks, I keep getting comments about how high I am carrying and that I am all out front so I have definitely heard the basketball reference.

Last week before our ultrasound we tested out some of the old wives tales. The Chinese chart thing said I was having a boy, a list of all types of OWT that you answer gave me a 57% chance of having a boy, and the necklace thing (if it spins in a circle its a girl and back and forth is a boy) says I'm having Girl, Girl, Boy (wowah, I don't know about 2 more kids). So who was right??????

Well without further ado here is Little Miss, yes that's right we are having a perfectly healthy little girl (I'm not sure anyone that actually reads this didn't already know that, but anyway). Our ultrasound tech got some great profile pictures and we even got to see her in 4D. So far so good and all of her vital body parts and development look just great.

I am definitely feeling movement now and she has even thrown a few Tai Chi or Kickboxing moves in this week. I got one kick or punch straight up at my stomach, that felt a bit odd, and then one towards my back. Usually they are pretty low, but those two were after I ate a few M&Ms so maybe I made my poor baby spaz :) This could get pretty interesting as she gets bigger and starts running of room with her crazy gymnastics.

I've done pretty well as far as the shopping so far, I made one trip into Children's Place and they were having mark-downs plus another 40% off that price so I got here some stuff for next summer and then I went into the Carter's store at Keystone and they were having a clearance sale so I picked up a few things there. Since I got that out of my system I think I'm now focused on getting nursery furniture picked out and the all the fun decorating from there.

In case you want to know we are not going to be divulging the name, but we currently have a list of 3 that Adam and I can both agree on, so we'll see if we can make a final decision before we are on our way to the hospital.

Next up:

Nursery Furniture

Crib Bedding

Calling a pediatrician

Getting scheduled for our Childbirth and Breastfeeding classes (probably won't attend till October)

Getting this crazy house done and enjoying each other before our little girl comes to turn our lives into pure blissful craziness!!