Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm a quarter of a year old!

Hi its Leah here again, Mommy and Daddy let me do this month's post because I have more time on my hands then they do. If we waited for them to do this post I might be 3 years old instead of 3 months. That's right this is my 3 month of age post and I'm gonna tell you all about what I did since I turned 2 months old. First though we have to show you the picture that Mommy takes of me every month next to my doggy.

I've decided to start posing for my pictures this month with my one hand behind my head, aren't I cute :) And mommy wanted me to tell you that I'm really filling out now, as you can probably see by the pictures. I guess this is the only time in life that it is cute to be chunky and have rolls, at least that is what I have heard. Mommy and Daddy have been weighing me lately on the Wii, I even have my own Mii, and I seem to be a little over 13 lbs. We'll get more precise measurements when we go back to the doctor next month for my 4 month appointment.
This last month I've really mastered being on my tummy and being able to support myself. Mommy and Daddy tell me I'm pretty strong and that I'm getting to be such a big girl, they say it is happening way too fast.

We finally got some nice days where the temps got up into the 50's and 60's, the first day it was pretty and sunny out Mommy and Daddy wanted to take me for a quick walk outside around our neighborhood. My first official walk outside, since I was born in the dead of winter. So they bundled me up in this snowsuit, and then laughed hysterically while they took pictures of me, I don't understand what was so funny!

I'm keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes and learning all kinds of new tricks. One of the things I did between month 2 and 3 was learn to roll to my sides and play with my toys. It is much easier to reach what I want this way. There was an even more exciting development that happened a couple days after I was 3 months old, but that will have to wait for the next post.

My mamaw and pawpa have a grandparent's pass to the Indianapolis Zoo so on one of the Saturday's that it got up to the 60's we went there for my first trip. Here is picture of Daddy and I by the Rhino's. I slept for a lot of the trip but I liked watching the people that were there and maybe a few of the animals.

One of the biggest changes this last month was that Mommy went back to work on March 3rd. She was very happy that her work let her have a reduced schedule so that she only works 5 hours a day and is only away from me about 6 hours a day, we hope that it can continue until the end of the year when I turn 1. While Mommy is at work I go to Miss Laurie's house, she is one of Mommy's best friends, and she and her daughter Casey play with me and take care of me until Mommy picks me up. Mommy tells me we are so blessed to be able to have this schedule and have someone that loves me taking care of me during the day. Its also very fun that Mommy, Daddy and I are all home by about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and have a lot of time to play and have fun together, Daddy says we will be able have even more fun as the weather gets nicer and we can take long walk and go on bike rides. Here is picture that miss Laurie took of Casey and I, our Mommies say we will be friends just like they are :)
Well that about wraps it up for my 3 month post, I'll see if Mommy can get the 4 month post done or if I'll have to fill in for her again b/c she is too busy.

Nice try Boilers!!

I guess Leah's excitement about the Boilers making it to the sweet sixteen wasn't enough to propel them over the Blue Devils and on to the Elite Eight. It was a nice run and better than anyone would thought they could do after the horrific train wreck in the Big Ten Tourney. We'll miss you Kramer and Grant, hopefully next year will be just as fun to watch.

P.S. I realize I'm edging closer to being a month late on getting the 3 month post completed. That's next on my to-do list.