Friday, January 2, 2009

A week of Christmases.....

We had a pretty busy Christmas week this year starting the Saturday before with my Mom's side extended family, Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning at my parent's, Christmas Day at Adam's parents and then we finished the week with Adam's mom's side extended family on the Saturday after Christmas. Here are some pictures from 3 of the 4 gatherings, at the final one I brought my camera but never got it out my purse to take any pictures.

What is more entertaining at family gathering than watching 2 year olds color and fight over toys, guess not much since there were about 6 adults in this room.

This cracks me niece is trying to eat cherios with a fork and has reindeer antlers on her head. I do have to say she looked more Christmassy than the rest of us.

Camryn trying to hold herself back from tearing into her presents, especially since they were wrapped in Dora Christmas paper. And her at the end of the night all ready to go home and go nigh night so that Santa could come. I think the little robe is pretty darn cute.

Uncle Adam with Nolan our nephew from his side of the family. This was Nolan's first Christmas and he was all decked out in his outfit. He loves to jump/bounce on your lap so he was getting passed around a lot because we were all out of shape and our arms would start to hurt.

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