Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our last free weekend EVER.....and 32 week belly

This last weekend I had a wonderful time going to Brown County with seven of my girlfriends and renting a cabin. We ate (a lot), fellowshiped, of course talked to the wee hours of the morning, went to downtown Nashville and ate at the Artist Colony, played games, and just enjoyed each others company. Below is a picture of our little group on the deck of our cabin. (Someone please remind me in the future that when pregnant do not be the only one to wear white and be standing sideways in a picture, seriously could I look any larger!!)

And as requested by my brother-in-law (since they are now in Boston), here are a couple of 32 week belly shots.

I keep telling Adam that I don't understand how I'm going to continue to get bigger over the next 8 weeks, there is not room. He just smiles and says, "I don't know but your are going to get bigger," thanks honey! She is definetly a squirmy one lately, I feel like most of the time I'm sitting still my stomach looks like an earthquake is occuring.


Chris said...

Thanks! Did Adam do anything on his free weekend?

Phillips said...

He put the crib together, and I think watched a movie with one of the guys, and maybe played football at a park on Saturday. I was told by one of our other friends that he thought Adam had a really good time during this last weekend ever. I'm not sure how to take that:)

Kaco said...

We appreciate the pictures!