Monday, August 2, 2010

5 months....first trip and meeting some VIPs

Gosh its going to be hard to remember all the way back to 5 months but we did a lot of fun things like going to Boston to visit Adam older brother, Chris, his wife, Kacey, and our nephew, Nolan. We saw a lot of things in the city via our own personal tour guides :) and Leah actually did really well on her first flight and time sleeping somewhere besides our home. It was great to getaway for a quick trip and get to see their life at MIT and Cambridge.

Leah also met her great-grandparents (Adam's maternal grandparents) for the first time as they came back from their time down south for the winter. Adam's grandpa battled prostate cancer while they were away but as you can see his looking great and doing really well.
During month 5 she also started to be able to sit up with using her arms as support, such a big girl!!

The pictures with her Dog were starting to harder at this point b/c she suddenly realized there was a stuffed animal beside her, which of course meant she needed to try and eat it!!

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