Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Months 7, 8 and 9 all combined

So I have to make a made dash to catch-up on the 2nd 6 months of Leah's life before she turns 1 :)

Here she is at 7 months old, during her 7th month she perfected her crawling skills and learned how to get into everything, she became a master of mobility and we had to baby proof and move a lot of things up. She began venturing a lot more with her foods and I had a lot of fun making her baby food. She would try almost anything and ate very well.

And here is 8 months. As you can see there isn't a huge difference in the pictures, I think her filling out had started slowing down since she was on the go constantly. During her 8th month she started pulling up first on her activity table then on anything she could figure out how to get to a standing position. We started introducing more and more table food and she transitioned really easily to being nearly off all baby food/purees by the time she was 9 months old. At the end of August, Leah's beloved Miss Laurie, that has been babysitting her since I went back to work, found out that her breast cancer from 3 years ago had come back. Understandably she wasn't going to be able to continue watching Leah and we were blessed by being able to quickly get her in a wonderful daycare in a matter of 3 days. She misses her Miss Laurie, but wants her to spend all her time trying to get better and kill that awful cancer!!!

Just short of being 9 months old Leah was dedicated at our Church and all her grandparents were in attendance.

And finally here she is at 9 months, getting her to nicely lay down by her doggy just isn't working any longer, she moves way too much. During her 9th month she perfected her ability to pull-up on anything and everything. She made new friends at her new school and loves her current teacher Miss Sandy. She totally transitioned to table food and got her first tooth. She really started clapping and loved to see how loud she could make her hands :) When we went to her 9 month appt she was 29 inches long (92%) and 17lbs 14 oz (30%) and I can't remember the inches for her head but it was like the 87%, so she is a tall, skinny kid with big old noggin :) The daycare germs have been getting their punches in, I think she has been sick with something from pretty much the week she started, luckily nothing has been too serious or lasted too long and we haven't had any ear infections.

On a really nice day in September we all headed to the zoo, here is Leah with her Daddy enjoying the Rhinos. I think this is the first time she went to the zoo and stayed awake long enough to see and enjoy the animals.

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