Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pictures -- Warning: They may be boring!

So I took some pictures of progress, they probably aren't very exciting to anyone but Adam and I, but progress nonetheless.

Purple room before anything, and after being cleaned up and taped, ready for painting.

Bathroom with new window installed and new subfloor; to replace the icky stuff that was in there.

Above is the before of the kitchen and below is what is currently looks like-- new windows again.

Now these are the most exciting ones below, not really. But it is the now organized and working utitlity room with our new water softner and the infamous (nearly-blew-up-our-house) water heater, that is now fixed. Also my favorite-- the new furnace!!


Chris said...

Better get that drywall up! :)

Stephanie said...

Looking good! I know this represents a ton of hard work- you guys are doing a great job! Hope to see you tonight at Starbucks? C'mon- take a break! :-)

Steph B.

E. Park said...

Water heater, furnace...lucky