Monday, December 3, 2007

Progress.....we have some kitchen walls

So we at least got some of the drywall up this weekend. On Saturday we had a bunch of people come and help. My Uncle Skyler helped Adam with some odds and ends and then was on the drywall crew once that started going up. Our friend Chad came and lended a hand to the drywall, also due to his above average height he helped me with some taping I was doing so I didn't have to use the step ladder :) My uncle Mark and cousin Daniel were back to help with the electrical. Also my friend Michelle came and helped me tape the other bedroom for painting and then wipe down walls in the living room. We got a lot accomplished and hopefully by the pictures below you notice progress. Poor Adam spent half of Saturday on his stomach doing and army crawl through the attic (our attic is not very tall), the poor guy has either been beneath or above this house for 80% of the time so far. Prior to everyone arriving on Saturday we also got some underlayment done in the dining and kitchen, as well as, can lights installed and ready for wiring.

I say it looks like we live in that thing that they put E.T. into because he was sick (oh come on 80's kids you know what I'm talking about). Anyway we had put in the insulation and then covered it with this 6 mil plastic sheathing as a vapor barrier, the drywall then goes on top of that.
Ta da we had 12 feet of wall at this point a vast improvement over zero!!
Below is the room were we are keeping all the stuff, and I tried to get a picture of one of our cabinets (you can see the side in the left part of the picture). Thanks to Adam's Dad we picked up all of the cabinets and counter tops, as well as our stove and microwave. Now it is all just waiting for installation.
And here is a quick picture of our counter tops.
This week we will be trying to complete as much drywall as possible. I am planning to start painting the ceilings and priming the walls in the rooms we aren't doing anything to from a wall perspective.

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Chris said...

Cool! I talked to Adam today and may try to come over for a few hours Saturday morning.