Monday, December 10, 2007

Its starting to look like a finished house....

It finally feel like we are getting stuff done. Here is a list of what has been completed so far in the last few weeks:

  1. Kitchen has drywall up with the exception of the area on the ceiling and around the patio door.
  2. Can lights have been installed in the kitchen.
  3. Kitchen and bath areas have new subfloor and underlayment of some type.
  4. Full bath has almost all the drywall up and now has a ceiling (woo hoo for not heating the attic!!), we just need to finish getting drywall/cement board up around the bathtub and then we will be ready to tape, mud and sand the drywall.
  5. The purple room is no longer purple and after 3 coats of primer is now white, we'll decide on a color later.
  6. And probably one of the most visual changes from this weekend is documented below:

    Here is our living room area before we started painting you will notice a portion is an nice light robins egg blue, while the other wall nicely coordinated with a deep avocado green

Below the ghostly looking room is in the process of being rid of those nasty colors. With the help of my parents and good friends Michelle and Steve we were able to get 2 coats of primer in this room and the dining room on Saturday.
And then finally on Sunday we were able to paint it the finish coat. It is Ralph Lauren paint in the color "Sisal." I would highly recommend this paint it is only a few dollars more than the Behr or Valspar paints and it went on so easily and covered great. They also have a great palette of colors.

So this room is fairly close to being done. We just need to change all of the outlets and covers and get the baseboards up. We are leaving the floor to the professionals, we are not going to try our hand at installing carpet.

Stay tuned for more updates they should start getting more fun in the changes that you see :)!!!!


Chris said...

Good times!

The VerWaynes said...

I like the color - we're really struggling on picking our "base" color for our house - maybe we should check their colors out!

Chris said...

I should be able to come over some this week after work. Monday is out because Matt is inducted into NHS and we are going to watch.

Stephanie said...

Robin's egg blue and a LIME green- that is what greeted us in our current home's downstairs as well. What are people thinking? We like Lowe's "Olympic" paint- "Vanilla Steam" was our base color. Paint names crack me up. Way to go neutrals!