Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yard work deserves a Vacation

This weekend we about did ourselves in trying to clean up our mess of a yard. We did get rid of all the brush from the storm (yes I know that was 2 months ago), well actually we have a mountain of mulch in our driveway, and finally got all of the leaves raked and in bags. We also cleaned out our flower beds and cleaned up our porch. I have some pics but no time to post these days (if you are a CPA and reading this, sorry, but you all are a pain this time of year!).

In other news Adam and I have decided to take a vacation in May. We are going to be going to the Britich Virgin Islands, we will actually fly into St Thomas (USVI) but then spend our trip between Tortola and Virgin Gorda. Due to the proximtiy a lot of the BVIs are to one another we will be able to make some day trips to places like Jost Van Dyke and Peter's Island. I'm super excited, we haven't done a lazy vacation in awhile and I'm ready for that more than I ever knew. Plus as much as I want this house to just get done, taking a week off isn't going to wreck our plans to get finished considering we have been doing this for over 6 months now.

Here are some pics of the places we will be going, I can't wait!

A beach in Tortola

The famous "Bath" in Virgin Gorda

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VerWaynia said...

Good for you - take those vacations while you still can ;-) !!