Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Schweet we have a Stove!

So the stove has moved out of its temporary home in the 3rd bedroom and into its proper place in the kitchen. It is the no-fingerprints stainless steel, and might be a little different than the micro but in this picture it doesn't even look like SS, must be the flash or something. The funny thing is that even though this got moved in here on Friday night we have yet to use the stove top due to our schedule since then. Guess I wasn't as excited as I though to have a stove to cook on?

Here is the 18 inch cabinet that replaced the too big 24 inch cabinet that was in this spot. We are starting to get the shelves reinstalled and cabinet doors back on. I even unloaded 1 whole box of spices and sauces/oils into the cabinets around the stove.

One can now actually walk through the dining room without fear of tripping over a cord or falling over a box. I resituated everything and even got the table closer to its proper place. This validated my though that we need to order a new dining room set b/c this table looks like doll-house furniture in this big of a space. Obviously the fridge will not be there and actually this one will be making its way to the garage as soon as we get a dolly to get it exchanged for our new SS fridge that is currently just sitting out in the garage.
On a change of plans we are going to use the extra 24 inch cabinet to put up above the "L" shaped bar thing on the left wall. We also ordered another 18 inch cabinet to fill up the space a bit. So we will have 42 inches of additional cabinet space which will be nice and kind of balance the kitchen, is what Adam and I decided. The cabinet Lady has to think we are the most unorganized kitchen remodelers ever since we seem to be calling once a month to order something else we decided we need.


Chris said...


So nice!

Kathy said...

hooray! looks great (now you should cook something yummy to celebrate!) :)

VerWaynia said...

Very nice!!! That's going to be a really nice kitchen!