Thursday, March 27, 2008

The micro and a yellow wall

So, the most exciting progress you have ever seen....not really..... but an update none-the-less.

We did get one cooking appliance installed too bad it was something we already were using this one is just bigger. It is a pretty sweet little micro all kinds of fun little settings. Even my set-everything-manually-husband has used some of the auto settings. I do like that we got to finally see what the only-missing-their-knobs cabinets look like with our appliances and I have to say I do like what I see.

Here is the long awaited spacer, this is probably the most dull photograph to everyone else, but that darn little spacer not being in its spot has delayed my new oven from entering the kitchen for about 2 extra weeks.

Here is a pic of the wall color that will run along the walls opposite of the green kitchen walls, so basically the dining room area. I like how the 2 colors look together and glad I went with something other than a variation of green and brown. I think my Mom was starting to think they never taught me about any other colors in kindergarten. I never realized how amazingly unorganized and chaotic our house looks to the outside world until I take these picture and look at our mess!

Here are couple of items we ordered today from Overstock (see below), our kitchen faucet and the light that will go in the dining room. Adam actually spotted the light and I liked it, I think he is getting better at this interior decorating thing, he sure is getting more experience than he probably ever wanted!

Until further updates adios, hope to be making a new entry soon (i.e. "Please husband, move my oven range into the kitchen and then finish the plumbing so the new sink can go in and I can try my mad skills at becoming the next Rachel Ray" j/k on that last part)


Chris said...

Awesome. You all working on Saturday?

The VerWaynes said...

Lookin' good - that's one fine microwave!

Phillips said...

We have something at the church on Saturady from 9-1, so after that it is probably whatever we can fit in before basketball starts :)

Stephanie said...

Hey Amanda- love the new picture of Humpty Dumpty at the top of your page. House is looking good. Where did you find a page like "Annie's Eats"? Between that and Steph's recommendation of "Pioneer Woman" I am doing some serious procrastination at work... We will all have to have a recipe swap sometime or maybe a cooking fest and share the goods!

The VerWaynes said...

Wow, you've been busy on the house and the blog...look at you getting technical!! Looks good!

Kathy said...

looks great!