Monday, March 10, 2008


Adam just called and our needed cabinet and spacer is going to be in tomorrow. So excited that we can finish this darn kitchen soon. Well at least get it usable, finishing in totality might take a bit longer. Adam has a test at the end of this week and is going to the Big 10 tourney on Friday evening so I don't know if it will get done before Saturday, but at least we will have everything we need to get it finished.

On a side note, the bar area is nearly finished, just need to secure the counter top down to the cabinets and put the veneer backing on the cabinet where the bar hangs over..... so I started clearing out some of the closets with stuff I want to store in or on there. It allowed us to get some random stuff out of our bedroom and I feel a tiny bit more organized.

Hopefully pictures can be put on here this weekend of a fully installed kitchen.