Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A little slice of Paradise (Pictures)

As promised I have finally posted some pictures, also here is a link to all of our pics out on Flickr.

Tortola ........

This is one of my favorite pictures. We took a driving tour around Tortola one day and there is a Ridge Road that basically runs along the spine of the island (which is very mountainous), thus you get amazing views such as these!
This little point is called Angel Pointe and was one of 3 areas where we went snorkeling on our day sail. I believe it is a pointe on Norman Island. The snorkeling was great, we saw all kinds of fish and coral. The 4 rocks sticking out of the water are named "The Indians," we also snorkeled here on our day sail and there was this one really tight spot where you felt like you might touch a Sea Urchin, I wasn't a fan of that. I swam all the way around the thing in order to not have to feel like the icky Sea Urchin might get me, Adam in all his tough manhood took the shorter yet scarier route and then informed me that our eyes were deceiving us and we weren't near as close to the black porcupine as we thought we were.
This awesome beach with all the catamarans is White Bay on the island of Jost Van Dyke. Jost is a pretty small island with only a few hundred actual residents. Its beaches are lined with little beach bars and restaurants. Two of the more famous establishments are on this island, Foxy's and Soggy Dollar. Soggy Dollar is actually in this picture you just can't really see it but it got its name b/c the sailboats would come in to the beach, but because there is no dock they would More their boats and then wade to the beach, thus the dollars to pay for their drinks at the bar were soggy. Foxy's which is at Grand Bay on Jost is well known all around the world and hosts a infamous New Years Day party that is supposed to be pretty amazing.
Above is basically our view from the place we stayed in Tortola, Agape Cottages. The bay you see behind us is Cane Garden Bay, it is probably one of the most popular bays in Tortola and has a lot of beach bars and restaurants. We never had to venture very far to get really good food. It also has a really pretty beach that is white sand and relatively flat. The lady in the picture with me is one of the owner of the Agape Cottages, we don't normally take picture of the owners of our vacation lodging but this couple was a really sweet Christian couple and we bonded with them some over our 4 day stay. The cottage that was their home was adjoined to ours.
The blue and white buildings at the top of this picture were the Agape Cottages. As you could see from the previous picture we had a great view but holy moses was that driveway steep to get up there. Lets just say we never walked down to the beach or back up, we were on vacation you know :)

Virgin Gorda.....

So we arrive in Virgin Gorda by ferry from Tortola and we get our rental car. The island isn't too big so we basically just get on this one main road and go until we see a sign for our place. As we round a bend in the road we see this awesome looking resort (picture above) on the pointe of the bay and Adam says lets stop and get a picture, I wanted to see where we were staying and get settled first so I get him to keep on going. We both rave about how great that place is, the location, yada, yada, yada. Shortly there after we both see a sign for Mango Bay Resort and just look at each other, that little piece of paradise we had just oggled at was where we were staying. We knew this place was probably going to be bit more luxury then our last place just on the higher price alone, but we usually stay in someplace that isn't a hostel but definitely not luxury. We felt totally out of our league and just kind of giggled about it like little kids that are used to Walmart and just entered FAO Schwartz.

This our villa at the resort, we are the right hand portion of the building. We had a coverd porch with a grill, a large room that had the living area, dining, and kitchen, an office/hallway, large bathroom, and bedroom. It was pretty spacious and the living area had virtually all glass windows and doors for two for the walls. It was also the place where they didn't give us a key b/c it was so safe.

This final picture is of the famous Baths I think or it might be Spring Bay, they are right next to each other and look very similar. Either way the areas are really cool and there are just these huge boulders everywhere. People that live near here would just have random large boulder formation in their yard. The Baths have caves you can climb through that the boulders have formed. It made for great picture taking.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Great pics, we are going to Totola in September of '09. I cant wait. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

beaUTiful! :) totally jealous

VerWaynia said...

wow, it looks so great!! we need to do one of those things they call a vacation soon!!!