Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We were Limin, Mon!

We are back from our awesome vacation. I highly highly recommend visiting the British Virgin Islands. Here is a top 10 on why we liked them so much:

10. The way people talk down there is just fun to listen to
9. We didn't see a McDonalds, Wendy's, Walmart, or Home Depot all week
8. The villas we stayed in at Virgin Gorda didn't even give us a key for our place b/c it is so safe there.
7. No one is in a hurry or seems to have anxiety about much
6. Never really a traffic back-up and fairly patient drivers. And ferries that get you to another island are pretty cheap and only take about 1/2 hour.
5. The yummy drinks, these people know how to make a mixed drink and I don't even drink that much but we had a drink almost every night with dinner
4. Being able to walk 70 feet to the beach and swim another 50 and be snorkeling in beautiful reefs. The snorkeling was amazing!
3. The food - BBQ's, seafood, rotis, jerk seasoning, everything was so good.
2. Amazing views no matter where you looked and to see the way God sprinkled all the islands in the sea. Crystal clear water and white sand beaches, with amazing colors of teal and blues when looking out over the water.
1. Getting to enjoy a week with my husband without any stresses (most anxiety was deciding where we eating and that wasn't even hard due to all the awesome restaurants).

I'll try to remember to bring my pics tomorrow to download and post some. I wish we could have stayed longer!!

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E. Park said...

Considering what Kim and I are about to get into, that trip sounds amazing and about the right prescription for the craziness!!! Glad it was a good vacation for you both.