Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day.....and Kaboom

So I hope any mothers that read this blog had a lovely day, of course that non-stop rain was not helping the lovely part. We had my parents and my brother over for lunch, I can now do this with very close family members and friends since I have a functional kitchen but know they won't judge Adam and I for the way we live in or remodeling mess :) We had a nice time and after they left Adam and I took some wonderful rainy Sunday afternoon naps.

My parents left around 5:00 and when Adam went in the kitchen a bit before 8:30 to get an after-the-nap-snack he exclaimed "What the heck!" At that little exclamation I of course needed to see what was going on in the kitchen. I thought perhaps our beloved little puppy had left some kind of bodily function gift for us, but nope that wasn't it at all, she was still in her crate taking her Sunday afternoon/night/all day nap too and hadn't awoken yet. He was standing at the back patio door and when I finally got there to look out it brought back some bad memories of a the lovely January storm. The big tree in our backyard had another large portion, probably at least 15 to 20 feet in length, had fallen over. Luckily missing our house once again but this time much closer. I don't know how we didn't hear something when it came down, guess we are hard sleepers. It is still attached, but barely and all the leafy area is now laying on our newly planted and growing grass. Adam turned in disgust as he knew this meant more time outside and more delay on getting things finished inside. He also knew this meant nicely begging one of our neighbors to borrow their chains saw again. Since we are leaving for Vacation on Friday he also knew that Monday and Tuesday were going to be his only chance to get this off our newly planted grass and at least dragged to the back of the yard.

One thing was decided for sure, this tree is now so fugly that it will have to come down at some point in the future. I didn't tell Adam this but I'm kind of glad that he made this decision because I thought it looked ridiculous after the storm when it really was only half a tree and I have ever really liked having that big of tree that close to our house, especially give our luck!

Above is picture from the last storm and the tree on the right is the one that was affected. You can't tell how full of a tree it was in this picture but even with half of it gone it was still pretty big and full. Below is a picture we we first planted the grass in the big dirt circle around the tree, it had just really started to look plush this last week. Hopefully Adam can get the tree out of the way before it ruins a section.


Chris said...

Ug, not fair!!!

Kathy said...

oh no!! bummer. I just read your other post...I'd gladly take some of your hostas ;) I love them!