Friday, May 9, 2008

Holy Hostas, Batman!

So now that spring has sprung we are discovering all of the vegetation we have around our place. We had some daffodils that bloomed but have since wilted. We think we have a bunch of day lilies that just haven't bloomed yet. This week we had a bush type thing bloom and I think the flowerings were gardenias. I'm sure there is more to discover that maybe haven't come up or bloomed yet.

We knew when we moved in that there were quite a few hostas, but due to the magnitude of overgrowth everywhere I don't think we knew what exactly we were going to get especially the number of hostas and how big some of them are. The pictures I have posted are actually when they were first starting to come in they are all much bigger now.

All the things that look like tall stalks in the picture above are hostas as well, as I mentioned before they have all opened up and are pretty big.

The picture below is of just a portion of the wood that we cut from our lovely January storm. There is a ton more piled behind this nicely stacked pile and then some over the side that you can't see.

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VerWaynia said...

I love Hostas!! If you ever need to divide, let me know. Next year we'll prob landscape around the fence and they would look great there!