Thursday, November 5, 2009

It could be a big one!!!

So we have less than a month to go and I had my 36 week appointment yesterday. All is still good in the blood pressure, weight, and position of baby departments. But I am now measuring ahead and enough ahead that my Doctor wants me to have an ultrasound next week to confirm how much is baby and how much is fluid/placenta. If it is as much baby as I'm measuring that would mean they would estimate at least an 8-9 lb baby at birth. I think I can mentally handle a baby in the 8lb range but anything over 9lbs makes me cringe. Guess she might need to wear those newborn clothes very quickly, good thing most of her stuff is 0-3 months and not a ton of newborn clothes:) When I told Adam he first laughed (not nice!!) and then reassured me that it could just be a lot of amniotic fluid and she might not be huge, thanks Honey!
The nice thing about it all is I get to see my little girl next week and I wasn't expecting see her again until she was in my arms, so that part if fun!
On the preparation front I think we have everything at this point that we were wanting to get prior to her arrival. We picked up the carseat last weekend and I think we are going to install it tonight so I can take and get it inspected soon. I put the bouncer together and Adam's co-worker who had twins let us borrow their swing. So we have a bassinet ready to go, a crib ready to go, a bouncer ready to go, and a swing ready to go, hopefully one of the 4 she will want to sleep in, at least that is what we are hoping. This weekend we need to make a Goodwill run to get some "crap" out of the house, do some last minute organizing of the nursery, and I should probably get her diaper bag ready and my bag semi-packed. Anything beyond that will just be bonus that we can accomplish.

And for your viewing pleasure, I'm doing a comparison shot this week:

15 Weeks , 20 Weeks, 27 Weeks

32 Weeks , 36 Weeks


Chris said...

Are there any pictures of Adam with his pregnant wife??

Hirra said...

I can't believe how close it is now. The time has flown. I remember at the 36 week mark thinking, "It could be NEXT week." You know how they always say anywhere from 37-40 weeks... or then even to 42 weeks...oh the anticipation! I'll be praying for you that everything will go smoothly and you will have your beautiful girl in your arms very soon.