Saturday, December 5, 2009

The things you do while waiting to have a baby

So for the last week we have been trying to occupy ourselves some while waiting for this little lady to get here. Well first of all we both kept working until late this week and I wouldn't have changed that, sitting at home and waiting would have made me crazy antsy. Adam figured out with his vacation, paternity leave, and company shutdown he didn't have to work after Wednesday. I worked until Thursday in the office and then attended an out of office Christmas party, I am now down working until after my Maternity leave, which will mean I won't work again until the 1st of March.

We have gone to the Mall a couple of times, more to walk in a warm place than to shop. Each time we've had store clerks ask if we were shopping or trying to have a baby :) I must have that "I'm about ready to pop" look at this point.

On Thursday Adam went and got our real Christmas tree and we put it up and decorated it and put up a few other decorations, as well as hung all of our stockings over the fireplace. This was the first time in 3 years that we decorated for Christmas. In 2007 we were in he midst of moving into the house and last year it was still such a chaotic mess that we didn't get any Christmas decorating stuff out.

Other than that we have just been kind of doing what we would normally do and not getting too far from home. Although we have been dong more laying around just watching and tv and being lazy then we have done in the last 2 years. I guess it is filling our energy tanks for when this little one comes and we don't know which way is up and what day it is.

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