Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Perfect Storm.......but darn messy

I don't know if it was really the perfect storm, we would have preferred to not have one at all, but for the destruction it caused we were so lucky with the small amount of damage that it caused our house and vehicle. Also I think we are going to save all the brush and rent a brush chipper to make our own mulch. This should save us some $$$$ in the spring when we need to mulch a ton of stuff.

This picture is of the portion of the tree that fell on my car. At this point Adam had moved my car out of the way, but you can also see how close it got to the house. Also it is harder to tell in this picture but there is obviously some trees that fell on our garage. These types of trees in this tree line were the only ones that actually made contact with the house.

The large tree branch to the right in this picture is the one that missed the corner of our house by about a foot or so.
The 2/3rds of a tree you see laying on the ground is the tree that could have done some major damage had it fallen towards the house. Its hard to tell by this picture but it was a large part of a large tree. In the background of the second picture you can see that we only really have 2 of the pine trees remaining of the like 6 that we had between our house and the neigbors.
To the right of this picture is the 1/3rd of the maple tree that is left, we are hoping if we do some trimming we are able to save the tree because it was a very pretty tree, especially in the fall. You can also see a closer view of the trees on the house on the left side of the picture. The tree that is actually lying on the ground is the one that took down our power, cable, and phone lines. All but the cable has been fixed.
The picture below must have been one that Adam took while walking around the neighborhood but it is an example of how strong these winds where, they just knocked down these mature trees like they were nothing. There were several on 44th street that were down like this and the root system and trunk size that got pulled out of the ground was probably the size of a small car.

This is another picture Adam took while walking around, this tree was lying across the street at the end our our block and was one of may of the reasons we didn't get power back for over 24 hours.

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