Monday, February 4, 2008

Starting to finish the Kitchen

This weekend we actually did get some interior house stuff completed, even though a lot of our time last week was picking up after the storm. We got the entire kitchen, including ceilings primed and ready for painting.
Again just for memories sake this is what the kitchen looked like before, the firey orange walls and all.

I spent most of Saturday, along with my parents finishing priming the walls, priming all of the ceiling and then putting textured ceiling paint up. Can I just say putting textured paint on the ceiling has got to be the messiest painting job I have ever done. Just ask my husband what I looked like afterwords, it was ridicoulous. We had to retexture the ceilings in the kitchen since we took out the bulkhead and had new drywall that had a flat finish right against the already textured ceiling in the rest of the room. It does look better now.
While we were at it we decided to go ahead and texturize the ceiling in the full bath, as well. I'm not looking forward to the texturing I will have to do in the laundy/mudroom eventually b/c there is no natural break from the kitchen.
On Sunday I finally got to the fun part and actually got to put color on the walls. The picture below shows the kitchen with the first coat of paint. It is much greener than it looks in these pictures. The funky paint job is because we will be putting cabinets on this wall so no need to waste a bunch of paint.

Adam spent most of Saturday splitting the large wood we cut with his brother Chris. At one point I went out to ask them what they wanted for lunch and Adam's large ax came flying out of his hands and went about 15 feet behind him. Luckily Chris and I were on the other side of him. He also mentioned Chris had just done the same thing. After that experience I decided to not visit them out in the yard anymore for the sake of not getting an ax in my head. They also laid some of the cement board in the half bath and laundry room so eventually we can get the tile down back there. Unless we have any major setback you should start seeing cabinets in the kitchen this week.

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Chris said...

I have a wedding in the afternoon, but may be able to come over for a few hours on Saturday. We will see.

BTW, with all the snow, everything was very slick!