Saturday, August 22, 2009

And the Mommy madness begins

Last night I found my inspiration for the nursery and thus I came home and searched for all of my other items so that I have everything ready to go when Daddy gets done with that mudding and sanding he has been working on this weekend.

Here is what I think we will be using for furniture pieces:

Dresser (we'll put a changing pad on top of this for the changing station)

And this was our $24.99 inspiration that we found at, of all places, Lowes. We are planning to paint the walls the green color and then do some horizontal lines in the chocolate and plum color:

This is what I'm planning to use for the bumper and crib skirt:
And these for the sheets, I think it is fun that since I don't have a crib set, I can kind of make things fairly interchangeable:
And finally possibly this wall decal somewhere on a wall, maybe above the crib, but I would do the plum colored owl and chocolate colored branch:

I had initially considered doing more of a shabby chic thing, and this is a complete divergence from that, but I really like the different pieces. I think it looks childish enough without being too babyish, and yet still being girly enough.
Now if I could just get in there and put my thoughts into action!!! Patience, Mommy, Patience.


Chris said...

Looks good! Bumpers are out, though. Deemed more dangerous than safe.

Phillips said...

I know plenty of people that use them until the babies start to roll, but I'll see what I think once she starts sleeping in her crib.

Kathy said...

cutttttttttte! I love it.

K. Park said...

It's going to be so cute. :)