Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally a house update...Bath #2 and Laundry Room

We haven't just been sitting around watching my belly grow, we actually have been trying to get this house done so that when the Little Miss comes along there aren't anymore projects (or at least big ones) to complete.

After finishing the pantry (our last house post), we took some old kitchen cabinets and sanded them down then painted them white and put new hardware on them. We then put them up over the washer and dryer for storage and added a clothes bar for easier hanging up of clothes as we take them out of the dryer.

For old times sake here is the original laundry area when we moved in, we had the gorgeous wallpaper, lovely carpet, and even the occupants paint and kitty litter.

And here is our handy work.....

The bathroom was a much bigger project. We had to virtually rip everything out, reframe the room and rerun plumbing and electrical since we were going from a tiny half bath to a slightly larger 3 piece bathroom.

Again here was the loveliness we got to start off with:

After Adam had ripped everything out and before the rebuild started:

And our final product.....it really did end up being a nice bathroom, but it is really hard to take pictures of a long skinny room so just use your imagination on where everything is :)

The only thing we are waiting to complete is getting a shower door ordered and put in, but other that we are done with this little area!!!!
We have since started getting the nursery to a place where I can do my Mommy duties and make it look like a nursery. Dad (Adam) is doing the manly stuff right now like blowing insulation into the walls and finishing some drywalling. The insulation is done and the drywalling just needs to be taped, mudded, and sanded and then we will be ready for me to do the decorating, wooohoo!!


Chris said...

Very nice! Hard to tell the layout of the new bathroom. Looks like the door moved.

Phillips said...

Yep the door is facing toward the kitchen vs. towards the back of the house. We had more room to expand that way vs. how the original layout was.

Kaco said...

yeah, amazing! This might be my favorite yet.

Stephanie B said...

Oh wow, guys, this is looking great! Very nice work. We are starting to get going again on our Master bedroom/bathroom. Yea for home remodeling!