Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas and the world's cutest niece...

I'm rewinding a day or two because we actually moved on the 26th so these posts are a little out of order.

Here we are all packed up and ready to go to my parents for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we needed to take Abbi with us since we would be gone overnight. We took some laundry to my parent's house to finish up so we didn't have to move dirty clothes, I think that is what made the car a bit more crowded. This picture is funny to us because Abbi was trying to sit perfectly still for fear that something was going to fall on her during the drive. When I would look back to check on her she would flash me this look as if to say "This is pure torture because you know I hate the sound of falling or moving bags!" Don't feel too sorry for her she is pretty darn spoiled!

Here is my brother and my favorite (and by the way only) niece in her Christmas dress ready for church on Christmas Eve. This was her first Christmas so she was quite the attention getter this year. Good thing she is too young to know how much everyone is spoiling her, we will have to bring in the reigns next year when she is almost 2 and will totally know how to "play the game" by then.
I think she has 3 different ones of these ride-on-or-walk-behind toys and she pretty much just does the walk behind portion right now. The other misc. arms and legs in the picture are members of my Dad's side of the family, it is tradition to get together on Christmas Eve.
See how can you say no to that cute little smile....I can't yet, but I'll try to get thicker skin.
"Uncle Adam, hurry up I want to see what is in this box and play with this toy. You are going to have to get faster with those scissors before you have kids of your own!"
It was a fun Christmas, having a little one around again. Hopefully as the years go on there will be more little ones added to the bunch and we will get to experience it through the eyes of children, which is the best part.

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