Friday, January 18, 2008

Your first taste of Birthday Cake

I'm sure none of us remember our first taste of birthday cake or how messy we were allowed to make ourselves, so that our friends and family could take pictures of us that haunt us in graduation and wedding videos.

I got to experience my nieces first birthday cake this last weekend and I must say she did an absolutely awesome job at the messy part. It did make for some great pictures and lots of laughter.
"I am a one year old birthday princess"

"I love my Daddy & Mommy, but where is this cake everyone keeps talking about?"

"Ohhh, here it is, yay I'm one and there is a small fire I can play with!"

"What is this stuff....hmmm...not milk, not cereal, kind of feels like lotion maybe I should put some on my hands."

"Whooooah....this is really fun to put all over my hands and now everyone is laughing at me and taking pictures, lets see what else I can do"

"This stuff doesn't taste too bad, lets see how much I can get in my mouth."

"Forks....shmorks....using my hands is a much better way to devour cake. Oh and doesn't my cake look scrumptious now, do you want a bite??"

"Here, Daddy, I'll put some on your hands and then you can eat like I am"