Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Drywall and Mudding ......Catch up post #1

Here are few picture of the drywalling process. Chris, Adam's brother, came over a lot the week before Christmas to help Adam get this done before we had to move in. I was thankful, since the mudding/sanding part creates a ton of dust, that we were able to get a large majority of it out of the way before we were living in the house. Anyway I think for not being "professionals" they did a great job. Its hard to believe that the house looked like this just about 10 days ago. When I update with more pictures you will see that dramatic progress has been made at least in the bathroom.

These are of the bathroom just after all the mudding and sanding had been completed.
Here are the shower walls just waiting patiently to be tiled, more on that in later posts, but if you ever think of tiling your shower talk to Adam first. Lets just say it is a long tedious process.
And here is the kitchen just waiting to be finished so it can be primed and painted. There are a have a few spots that need a another mudding but it shouldn't be any long process and hopefully painting can occur soon.

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Chris said...

I want to see it how it looks now! Maybe we can stop by sometime soon.