Friday, January 4, 2008

The shower is ready for grouting and to be used

After a long night and hardly any sleep with having to wake up for work this morning, Adam finished tiling the bathtub surround. Now we can grout tonight and by early next week be able to take a shower in our home.

I think it looks pretty good for our first wall tiling job, we had done floors before and I think we might stick to only floors in the future.

This little duck tape contraption in the center is the soap dish and you have to "securely tape it to the surrounding tiles" so it adheres to the cement board and hopefully never falls off.
Whew, I think I am all caught up, finally! Hopefull enough will occur this weekend that I can have more updates for Monday.


Chris said...

Wow, more posts today than ever! Looks great. We will have that kitchen done before you know it.

Stephanie said...

Hi guys- I have really enjoyed following your progress. The shower looks great! I will have Keith call Adam when he is ready to do ours... only I think we will use bigger tiles, maybe that won't be so tedious? Looking good!