Friday, January 18, 2008

Our fancy bathroom.....

Well, I really don't know how fancy it is but it seems fancy next to what it was and next to the fairly "constructor basic" bathroom we have had in the past. These pictures demonstrate the evolution of getting the bathroom finished which is almost done, we just had to hang the mirror and put the hardware on the vanity, which is done now but no pics yet.


Just for memory's sake this is what this area looked like before

Our vanity light which I ordered online from

This is our 48 inch vanity which came from Home Depot, our plumbing set-up was a little weird for a traditional vanity so of course that took a little longer to get situated than we would have hoped, but we are leaning everything takes longer than you expect.

Here is everything assembled, the counter top is a precut granite counter top that you can buy at Home Depot and install yourself. By the way, my contribution was putting the toilet paper holder up, which I must tell everyone is perfectly level :)

And below is a close-up of the fixtures, which are the match for the tub fixtures. They are all American Standard and again came from Home Depot. You can't tell from this picture but the sink is quite large and deep, which is nice. I also think I will like that this sink is an under mount sink for cleaning purposes in the future.


Kathy said...

great work! I'm laughing at your comment about the level toilet paper holder ;)

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The VerWaynes said...

Looks great!