Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our first finished before and after

So we have officially showered in our new house (we were showering before just had to ask some really nice friends to help us in that area)!!! I think this might be the first project that is completely done and there is a significant visible change in the before and after.

Just in case everyone has forgotten what this lovely are in our home looked like before I have reposted a before picture and then an after picture.



I think it is quite a vast improvement and the new tile and fixtures look really nice. Just in case you were curious this is also a new tub, that other one was nasty, I'm sure there were some kind of cooties I could have gotten from the old one. In the he picture below you can see the shower head and top of the tile. We didn't go all the way to the ceiling there is about 8-10 inches of painted wall up there. Oh and the shower rod you see is not staying, we purchased one of the metal ones that kind of curves out. We had to order special drill bits to make the holes for the anchor and screws, to install it, because the porcelain tile is so hard.

And then below are our pretty new fixtures. It really is fun to pick out everything and then see how in comes together.

We need to install the vanity, vanity light, and mirror and then we will be pretty much done with the bathroom in regard to necessities. What we will need to complete are the finish tasks like the window sill, baseboard, etc.


The VerWaynes said...

Yay!! I love the tile - Adam did a great job!!

Chris said...

So am I done? :) j/k My weekends are filling up, though.

Christy said...

It looks great! What an improvement!

Stephanie B said...

Nice! Good selections on the fixtures. Isn't great to have things coming together?